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MiraMed is consistently seeking to push the edge of innovation, elevating expectations within our company’s internal and external processes and procedures in order to produce results and perform, at levels which exceed even the loftiest expectations.

MiraMed is the only company constantly trying to do the impossible, adding value at every touch point, therefore accomplishing the level of customer service, performance and results our clients expect. We utilize distinctive capabilities that are difficult to replicate and superior to our competition, including: 

  • Proprietary processes
  • Strong leadership
  • Tacit knowledge and skills
  • Passionate teamwork
  • Unparalleled employee training
  • Family value based culture
  • Pragmatic problem solving 
  • Best of breed partnerships 

At MiraMed, we believe a synergistic combination of our distinctive and reproducible capabilities is the perfect balance for providing the best service and solutions in the healthcare industry. Performing to the highest level for our clients is of paramount importance. It’s what drives every action, step or effort put forth by all 4,000 of our team members.

We offer the following examples of our success:


Case Studies

Providing meaningful case studies which demonstrate our problem solving skills, the quality of our deliverables and the outcomes of our engagements is an important to validate the benefits for working with MiraMed. We have designed our case studies to reflect the following:

  • Our client organization
  • Identification of the problem or the situation
  • The process we followed to solve the problem
  • The results of the engagement and the benefits

    Case Studies Coming Soon  


Testimonials Coming Soon

Our Solutions

MiraMed partners with its clients to tailor solutions to their own unique business environment, which can include everything from short-term to long-term, complete outsourced solutions.

Our Process

The MiraMed team simply becomes an extension of the hospital’s or health network’s staff, making the implementation seamless and effective.  Engaging every step of the way is the MiraMed specialty.

Our History

We are proud of what MiraMed has become by focusing on what's relevant today. More importantly, we're thrilled about our company's prospects for the future as we continue to uncover new opportunities.