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MiraMed follows a proprietary process that has been refined over the past 35+ years. Our process methodology is employed universally across the enterprise for performing all solutions across all client engagements.

Our process includes an implementing business design which has five specific phases during transition of services. They include the following steps:

Step One

  1. Process/Project Assessment
  2. Data Gatherin

Step Two

  1. Design Development Action Steps
  2. Assign Responsibilities
  3. Set Go-live timeline

Step Three

  1. Implementation and Validation

Step Four

  1. Transition Control Systems and Monitoring 

Step Five

  1. Continuous Improvement
  2. KPI and Quality Monitoring


MiraMed’s key tactical objectives of any client project implementation plan include a variation of phases depending on the size, complexity and timeline required for “go live.” Our implementation project management processes begin with a client onboarding questionnaire which gathers the specific background information of the client and any requisite requirements that will be needed throughout the implementation process and roll out of the project initiatives.

The onboarding questionnaire we use helps the project team build a transition plan that will mirror our client’s process as closely as possible. Clearly understanding a 360 degree overview of our client processes helps us identify key activities that will be needed for the project “kick off.” Our project managers identify the tasks necessary in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the engagement.

Our implementation plan includes: Having a well-articulated and proven implementation process ensures that any engagement we take on is implemented appropriately. Due to our custom implementation approaches, we have a reputation for “doing it right” the first time.


Six Sigma

By utilizing the operational premise that follows the Six Sigma and Lean processes, MiraMed is able to deliver break through quality, increased productivity and a reduction of errors.

At MiraMed, we leverage Six Sigma and Lean principles when we analyze, design and implement a specific operational process for a client. By doing so, we are able to excel and meet our client’s expectations.

Our operational team has several Six Sigma black belts and a Lean and Six Sigma-trained leader who supports our project leaders to identify any root causes of process variation for implementation and ongoing engagement reviews.


Our Solutions

MiraMed partners with its clients to tailor solutions to their own unique business environment, which can include everything from short-term to long-term, complete outsourced solutions.

Our Process

The MiraMed team simply becomes an extension of the hospital’s or health network’s staff, making the implementation seamless and effective.  Engaging every step of the way is the MiraMed specialty.

Our History

We are proud of what MiraMed has become by focusing on what's relevant today. More importantly, we're thrilled about our company's prospects for the future as we continue to uncover new opportunities.