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With the onset of the Affordable Care Act, the financial obligation for healthcare services has shifted from government and commercial payers to the patient. Patient responsibility, commonly known as self-pay, is now the third largest payer with most health providers.

Patients who have employer-paid insurance have several options to pay for their medical services. Health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts and health reimbursement accounts help patients manage how they pay for their healthcare services. With the creation of state insurance exchanges, and the proliferation of high deductible health plans, patients are now responsible for a much larger portion of their healthcare bills while many have no insurance at all. This has created a population of self-paying patients who:

  • have exhausted their benefits
  • require services not covered by their plans
  • have high co-pays or coinsurance
  • have not met their deductibles
  • lack any health insurance coverage (in whole or in part)

Providers have historically opted to leverage automated collection payment processes as an internal collection strategy. The new segment of self-pay patients provides new challenges and requires new solutions.

The collectability of medical self-pay accounts has decreased because of the dynamics of our current economy and a lack of financial resources of patients. Turning to a self-pay outsourcing expert to collect your rising self-pay population of accounts is a solid strategy to improve your financial position.

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Early-Out Programs

MiraMed’s self-pay collection service acts as an extension of a provider’s internal customer service and collections efforts. We manage early placement self-pay accounts seamlessly and under the name of the client to help mitigate the rising patient collection problem.

MiraMed’s self-pay collection group is trained on your protocols, and we use the latest tools and technologies to optimize collections. Our collection tools include:

  • advanced healthcare propensity of payment and charity scoring models
  • interactive voice response call routing technology
  • call recording
  • web payment collection platform

With 35+ years of experience, we understand the growing challenges related with healthcare collections. As a result, we have established a collections strategy for self-pay accounts that is the best in the industry. Our trained and experienced customer service/collectors understand how critical it is to secure maximum payment while treating patients professionally and protecting the healthcare providers’ reputation in their community.

Bad Debt Collections

Patient balances that remain unpaid are subject to being written off as bad debt. In order to collect accounts that are written off, providers need to partner with a qualified bad debt collection agency. MiraMed is one of healthcare’s leading bad debt collection agencies because we deliver elevated performance and superior client service.

The dynamic nature and the complexity of managing healthcare revenue cycle activities offers providers a significant challenge even when sophisticated systems and leading edge collection tools are available. MiraMed has assisted healthcare providers collecting bad debt accounts for more than 30 years. We continually study industry trends to help develop the most successful collection programs that address changing patient demographics, regulatory compliance and rising inventories of written off accounts.

MiraMed understands bad debt collections and how to maximize performance. We have pioneered a consultative approach to collections where we treat every patient with dignity and respect. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is a testimony of our commitment to maintaining a compliant and customer-service oriented bad debt collection process. Our experience has taught us that this approach, combined with focused follow-up, consistently achieves the highest recovery rates for our clients.

Our Solutions

MiraMed partners with its clients to tailor solutions to their own unique business environment, which can include everything from short-term to long-term, complete outsourced solutions.

Our Process

The MiraMed team simply becomes an extension of the hospital’s or health network’s staff, making the implementation seamless and effective.  Engaging every step of the way is the MiraMed specialty.

Our History

We are proud of what MiraMed has become by focusing on what's relevant today. More importantly, we're thrilled about our company's prospects for the future as we continue to uncover new opportunities.