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MiraMed pairs healthcare industry experts with world-class processes, infrastructure and technology to deliver meaningful and measurable results for outsourced business processes.

MiraMed delivers value by "extending your organization” with our business process outsourcing services (BPO). We blend our expansive healthcare industry knowledge, operational excellence, partnership approach and a wide array of business services to provide our clients with a one stop business process outsourcing solution.

MiraMed provides performance improvement strategies for a multitude of business back office functions. We offer healthcare providers a wide spectrum of services for payment posting, data entry, charge capture, claims submission, customer services, patient outreach and provider enrolment. The flexibility we offer our clients, our diligent efforts and the positive results we produce for our clients are primary elements that separate us from our competition.

MiraMed is one of the first global providers to offer services that exclusively focus on healthcare business practices. We remain dedicated to a single mission; help our clients improve efficiency, increase productivity, reduce costs and deliver measurable results.

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We offer the following business process outsourcing solutions:

Provider Enrollment Services

Provider enrollment is required to allow practitioners to provide services to their patients. MiraMed submits enrollment applications and the associated documentation on behalf of the provider organization to keep its physicians' records updated. Click here to learn more about MiraMed’s provider enrollment and physician credentialing services.

Data Entry

MiraMed provides accurate and timely data entry solutions for a myriad of healthcare provider organizations. We offer a tenured and experienced team that has the capacity to handle large volumes of data entry and analysis. Outsource your data management work and focus your attention on your core business. Click here for more information.

Charge Capture

MiraMed puts the proper internal controls in place to capture the right data for all of your claims submissions. Our internal processes leverage reporting functionalities that help identify and capture unbilled or missing charges so you are assured to receive the correct and proper revenue reimbursement. Click here for more information.

Claims Submission

After an billing encounter, the provider gathers all relevant information, intake forms and the proper services documentation and submits the claim for payment. This is a time-consuming and labor intensive process. For more than three decades, MiraMed has been submitting claims to government and commercial payers on behalf of provider clients. Let MiraMed help you with your claims submissions. Learn more about these services.

Payment Posting

Posting payments is a critical function of the revenue lifecycle. At MiraMed, we ensure that our clients collect the correct amount of revenue generated by the billing process. We offer our clients payment posting services that help reduce costs, save time and improve the productivity of traditional payment posting processes. Learn more about how you can utilize MiraMed’s payment posting services. Learn more.

Customer Services Patient Outreach

Customer service patient outreach solutions offered by MiraMed have the flexibility and customization needed to improve patient communication and create better healthcare outcomes. Click here to learn more about these services.


Our Solutions

MiraMed partners with its clients to tailor solutions to their own unique business environment, which can include everything from short-term to long-term, complete outsourced solutions.

Our Process

The MiraMed team simply becomes an extension of the hospital’s or health network’s staff, making the implementation seamless and effective.  Engaging every step of the way is the MiraMed specialty.

Our History

We are proud of what MiraMed has become by focusing on what's relevant today. More importantly, we're thrilled about our company's prospects for the future as we continue to uncover new opportunities.