Legacy Accounts Receivable Wind-Down Services

MiraMed Global Services (MMGS) has established protocols for working accounts to conclusion regardless of balance amount or payer. These protocols ensure consistent and thorough follow-up on all accounts referred. Our clients determine the scope of services required based on their internal resources and how they intend to focus those resources during the conversion period.

Download Legacy A/R Wind-Down Flyer

MiraMed then creates a customized legacy AR outsource program that will:

  • Liquidate legacy AR balances within the designated timeframe
  • Adhere to the client’s collection practices and policies
  • Assist in meeting revenue realization
  • Enable client staff to focus on technology training and transition issues
  • Provide a cost-effective solution versus in-house staffing for legacy AR resolution

Security and Technology Provide Reliability

We understand that connectivity and security are paramount when dealing with healthcare data. This, in combination with our proprietary AR Tracker software, provides security and accuracy. Our AR Tracker system has sophisticated inventory controls that ensure accounts are handled timely and efficiently. It allows us to maximize productivity by segmenting the inventory to ensure that focus is on the highest priority accounts. It also allows MMGS to provide value-added trending data and reports regarding the inventory that has been placed.

AR Tracker Benefits

There are many benefits to using AR Tracker to streamline our account representatives’ work flow, including:

  • Ability to load a large amount of data into the system and then categorize and prioritize it based on specific criteria 
  • Accounts can be sorted by payer which allows us to status multiple claims with one phone call
  • Accounts can be sorted by procedure, provider, etc. which allows us to view accounts that meet a specific criteria as trends are identified
  • Ability to create work queues for account representatives and monitor production on an hourly basis
  • Work queue re-allocation can be done at the supervisor level
  • Each account representative’s work queue only shows the accounts that are scheduled to be worked that day
  • Sophisticated inventory controls ensure recently re-billed or appealed claims aren’t touched too soon
  • Accounts paid in full are automatically removed from the representative’s queue
  • Standard reports can be generated using action codes to know the current status of an account
  • Reports can be customized for each client
  • Has a separate module for QC where accounts are randomly assigned to QC representatives for review
  • QC reports can be generated based on the QC representatives data input

Resolution of invoices will be defined as:

  • Payment
  • Payment and contractual adjustment
  • Write off of outstanding charges based on time barred, bundled charges, non-covered charges, nonauthorized procedures and/or charges denied as non-supported by medical records
  • Identification of charges as due from patient as deductible, patient portion or non-covered by third party payer MiraMed has the size and experience to handle large volume projects while at the same time offering a costeffective solution to our clients.

Our Solutions

MiraMed partners with its clients to tailor solutions to their own unique business environment, which can include everything from short-term to long-term, complete outsourced solutions.

Our Process

The MiraMed team simply becomes an extension of the hospital’s or health network’s staff, making the implementation seamless and effective.  Engaging every step of the way is the MiraMed specialty.

Our History

We are proud of what MiraMed has become by focusing on what's relevant today. More importantly, we're thrilled about our company's prospects for the future as we continue to uncover new opportunities.