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At MiraMed, our people are our greatest asset—it is the purpose and commitment of our people that allow us to serve our clients, exceeding their expectations. Excellence is what our people pursue every day in everything they do.

Our success is largely attributed to our clear vision and the set of principle priorities that are carried out by our people. Attracting, developing and retaining the best and brightest people in the industry are not something we take lightly. We create an environment where achievement is recognized and rewarded.

We are committed to cultivating and sustaining a diverse work environment and workforce. Our people work in an atmosphere of integrity, honesty and clear and open communication. MiraMed is a place where energized people are allowed to grow, develop and advance their skills so our clients receive the level of service they deserve.


MiraMed’s culture is ever-changing. Our people embrace our values and share the principles and actions that are needed to shape and develop our culture. We are a preferred employer at every site we operate because we have a vibrant culture and work environment. Our vision, values, processes and people are the foundation for creating our differentiated culture.

Our company culture is based on a meritocracy, where our talented people are given the opportunity to succeed to the highest levels. We consistently leverage our people’s innovative thinking and creative resourcefulness which helps us maintain and grow the positive culture which surrounds MiraMed. MiraMed’s culture is built from the foundation of four core beliefs. They are:

  • Vision: Our vision guides our belief system and provides us with a purpose for serving our clients.
  • Values: Our values sit at the core of our existence. They help shape our culture, our commitment to our clients, the way we treat colleagues, and why we vigilantly pursue uphold professional standards of our business.
  • Processes: We believe there is only one way to do business, it’s the right way. Our processes are put in place to ensure we follow through with our promises to our people and our clients.
  • People: We wouldn’t be able to create a vibrant company culture without our gifted people. Our team members help shape and define our culture as our company evolves and grows.

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