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We deliver value based data and information to our clients by utilizing our proprietary approach to data mining and analytics. MiraMed provides clients with powerful information resources that add value by identifying micro and macro trends of the work-flows we execute.

This trending and analytical reporting capability captures information sources which are built into segmented reporting models to create unique balanced scorecards, performance management quantifiers and other dashboard models.

This information exhaust we produce links with our client’s vision, values, strategies, key objectives and measures to identify key trends which helps our clients reach overall operational and fiscal performance.

We deliver targeted views of performance across the entire enterprise. By specifically designing our reporting scorecards, we give senior executives and managers with the ability to have access to key performance indicators which can be measured against business strategies, objectives and targets.

MiraMed’s deep commitment to delivering value based reporting, enables our advanced trend monitoring and analysis. Our clients are provided with the ability to investigate the underlying detail of each performance measure. By accessing associated reports, our clients can identify trends and other information to better assess the impact of cause and effect and as a result, plan and implement corrective actions.

Our analytic reporting tools and methodology enables quick and easy access by anyone involved in managing and undertaking a client’s project. The end result is a greater level of understanding about the scope, standard operating procedures, overall work flow and how each interdependent operational segment affects the overall operational picture.

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