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Protecting our client’s data and supportive information is our top priority. At MiraMed, we have safeguards in place to secure our client’s information as well as our own.

The stringent policies, technological and physical security measures we have in place comply and exceed the thresholds set by the Federal Government. In addition to meeting Federal guidelines, we follow the privacy protections required under individual state laws.

We require companies that provide services to us to protect your information to the same levels we do. We limit security access of your data to our vendor partners and control their view of sensitive data to the specific service they are providing MiraMed.

Our rigorous security precautions include physical, electronic and procedural protections, such as computer safeguards, encrypted and password protected files/documents, and secure buildings.

Regardless of the location we perform work; we are committed to protect the data our clients have entrusted us with. MiraMed’s security policies are some of the most comprehensive in the healthcare industry.

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