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Patients Are Rapidly Becoming Accustomed to Virtual Care

This year, millions of consumers used their smartphones to order a prescription, have their first video consultation and likely stopped into new retail-style clinics to gain quick access to care. Due to the consumerism in healthcare trend we are experiencing, patients have become more involved with their own care by being more selective in choosing their provider and shopping to find the best price for treatments. While many Americans have faced increasing out-of-pocket obligations, payers and providers have offered new tools to help patients navigate our complex healthcare system. It has been an interesting year; that’s for sure.

Speaking of the changes in healthcare, I recently reviewed the results of PwC’s 2015 Consumer Survey, and the outcomes they predicted for 2016 have, largely, come true. Three of the top consumer and clinical trends were: 

  • 67 percent say they were “very satisfied” with their experience at a retail clinic. 
  • 21 percent have used a mobile device to order a refill of a prescription. 
  • 60 percent willing to have a video visit with a physician through a mobile device.

Also, the clinicians’ survey results indicated that: 

  • 58 percent would rather provide a portion of care virtually.
  • 38 percent use email to stay connected with their chronic disease patients. 
  • 81 percent say mobile access to medical information helps coordinate patient care.

The survey results indicated that both consumers and clinicians are taking full advantage of new methods to receive and deliver care.

MiraMed is committed to staying abreast of our rapidly changing industry. To that end, we attempt to deliver compelling and interesting content that reflects those changes. In this edition of The Focus, we have a great group of contributors. One of our newest authors, Christopher Ryan, Esq. of Giarmarco, Mullins & Horton law firm, offers his insight about the growing security threat in healthcare in his article Taking Security on the Road: Steps You Can Take to Secure Your Mobile Devices.

Phil Solomon, vice president for MiraMed Global Services, a frequent author in The Focus, provides his insight about today’s consumer behavior in his article Healthcare Consumerism and Personal Debt Accumulation. Returning authors David Johnson, the CEO and Founder of 4sight Health, and Lyman Sornberger, president and CEO of LGS Healthcare and the chief strategy officer at Capio Partners, share their knowledge understanding of the challenges and opportunities in healthcare. Their articles, Overcoming Medical Errors of Omission: The Cure Requires Organizational Empathy and Patient Advocacy and Collecting: A Perfect Combination, focuses on the newest clinical challenges providers face and the rising cost of managing patient payment liability.

Denise Nash, MD, vice president of Compliance and Education, and Angela Hickman, vice president, RA-HCC Strategy and Business Development, both of MiraMed Global Services, wrote a nice piece about the growing trend in risk-based contracts, Understanding HCC-HHS Risk Adjustment. In his article, Clinical Variation: The Hidden Gem in Bundles, previous author Sheldon Hamburger, principal/consultant at the Aristone Group, demonstrates his deep domain knowledge of the industry’s clinical applications and pricing strategies. Finally, Louis Carter, the CEO and founder of the Best Practice Institute shares his observations about how to treat consumers in his article Four Ways to Be More Consumer-Centric.

I believe 2017 will be just as dynamic as 2016. I am looking forward to observing the changes that all of us will experience in healthcare in the coming months. At MiraMed we are committed to staying ahead of the curve by utilizing the newest technologies and operational strategies for delivering our revenue cycle services. We believe the best way to serve our clients is to understand how our industry is changing and thinking ahead to where new trends are formulating. The great Wayne Gretzky, a Hockey Hall of Fame player, once said “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” At MiraMed, we try to do the same.

I hope you find this edition of The Focus to be relevant and informative. Our commitment to our readers is to deliver the latest and most germane content written by some of the top thought leaders in our industry. Enjoy!

Best wishes to all,

Tony Mira
President and CEO


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