MiraMed Announces the Spring 2018 Issue of a Healthcare Journal: Focus

April 12, 2018—MiraMed Global Services (MiraMed), headquartered in Jackson, Michigan, is pleased to announce the release of the Spring issue of Focus.

April 12, 2018

MiraMed Global Services (MiraMed), headquartered in Jackson, Michigan, is pleased to announce the release of the Spring issue of Focus.

Focus delivers high-value content that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities for today’s healthcare leaders. Our journal’s authors highlight subject matter such as healthcare business and finance, clinical performance, patient satisfaction, pricing transparency, healthcare reform, business administration and personal development.

In this issue we discuss how the field of healthcare is becoming increasingly consumer-driven. Through both changes in legislation resulting in consumers covering larger portions of their healthcare costs, and advances in technology that allow those same consumers to track options and expenses. Tony Mira, CEO and Founder of MiraMed Global Services, explains, “Working in the healthcare environment at MiraMed, it has been interesting to witness the major shifts that have occurred over the past 30 years. I have seen dramatic changes to patient engagement and the efforts to satisfy patients by providers.”

Howard Green, MD from Dermatology Associates PA, Palm Beach, FL submitted an intriguing article titled Will Population Value Data Destroy the Healthcare Industries? where he explores how population health is affecting the industry today.

David W. Johnson, CEO and Founder, 4sight Health, Chicago, IL, asks readers to consider “utilitarianism,” in healthcare, i.e. “the greatest good for the greatest number” in his article Is Tax-Exemption Necessary? Enlightened Health Systems Should Consider the Unthinkable. Johnson asks readers to fully consider all their options and theorizes that “By converting to for-profit status, health systems may choose to redirect sizable cash assets to ‘higher and better’ uses.”

These are just a few of the topics explored in Focus. MiraMed is committed to staying abreast of our rapidly changing industry. To that end, we deliver compelling and interesting content that reflects those changes.

Please log on to MiraMed’s website at www.miramedgs.com to view the electronic version of Focus online. To be added to the automated email notification list, please send your email address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to providing you with healthcare updates through our healthcare journal, Focus.

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