Managed Care Underpayments

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After the delivery of patient care services, providers must maximize revenue by ensuring they get paid the proper contracted rate for the care provided. MiraMed stands ready to help you manage the complexities surrounding managed care underpayments. 

MiraMed’s managed care underpayment solution delivers technology-enabled services that ensure accurate reimbursement for health claims underpaid by government and managed care payers. Our expert team of analysts, auditors and appeals specialists leverage decades of underpayment recovery competencies and are able to identify contract variances with payers to recoup underpayments. We provide our clients with superior services that help capture every available revenue reimbursement dollar due to them. We utilize a proprietary system which thoroughly analyzes claims and remittance data, comparing payment results against proper claims payment requirements. MiraMed’s services help providers reduce revenue leakage of underpaid claims.

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