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Customer service patient outreach solutions offered by MiraMed have the flexibility and customization needed to improve patient communication and create better healthcare outcomes.

Every successful healthcare organization has increased its focus on improving the patient experience. MiraMed offers customized patient outreach services which address the distinct needs of each provider.

Our personalized patient outreach services include:

  • Discharge Care Calls – Make discharge calls to all of your selected patients to help prevent unnecessary future treatments and costs.
  • Disease Management Calls – Reach patients to follow-up with disease management programs focusing on chronic diseases.
  • Promoting Hospital Programs – Patient follow-up calls offer opportunities to engage the community to relevant hospital activities.
  • Event Follow-Up Calls – Make post event contact calls to keep patients engaged for future provider sponsored events.
  • Patient Satisfaction Calls – Deliver scripted, customized calls to survey patients about their experiences at the hospital and the service they received by a specific physician or department.

The benefits of initiating MiraMed’s patient outreach solutions are:

  • Gather pre-admission information to reduce no-shows
  • Schedule patient visits
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Reduce readmissions
  • Monitor post-discharge care efforts
  • Promote wellness and preventive medicine
  • Capture valuable referral and payment data
  • Drive meaningful use adoption

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