Provider Enrollment Services

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Provider enrollment is required to allow practitioners to provide services to their patients and ensure appropriate reimbursement. MiraMed submits enrollment applications and the associated documentation on behalf of the provider organization to keep its physicians’ and other practitioner provider records updated, creating CV’s with the push of a button. Built-in, automated alerts send reminders to stay ahead of expiring licenses.

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Provider enrollment remains an area that requires skilled, assertive and experienced professionals to ensure efficient operations in this high burn out area. MiraMed eliminates the issues surrounding provider enrollment. Utilizing our proprietary software we automate the tedious process with alerts, workflows, automated follow-up indicators and agreed upon production targets. We take care of the expansive paperwork, eliminate confusion and follow-up with insurance companies and continue until the job is finished. Trust MiraMed’s professional and experienced staff and dedicated client management to help with the difficult process of provider enrollment. We simplify the process for you and get the job done right.

We provide services for:

  • Commercial insurance provider enrollment
  • Medicare and Medicaid provider enrollment
  • PECOS & CAQH registration
  • NPI registration (Type I and Type II)
  • Revalidation tracking and submission

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