Trauma Registry

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Trauma registry

MiraMed provides support for Trauma Centers designated by the American College of Surgeons (ACoS), who are qualified as definitive care centers for adult as well as pediatric patients. Our trauma registrars are required to maintain a designation of Certified Specialist in Trauma Registry (CSTR) and Certified Abbreviated Injury Scaling Specialist (CAISS) a trauma scoring system vital to trauma research, as recognition of their knowledge of basic trauma registry.A CSTR is a valuable asset to the functionality of an efficient trauma program; their contribution to abstract trauma injuries at a designated trauma center contributes to the information used nationwide to improve overall patient safety and care. This data is collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for performance improvement and patient safety monitoring.

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Our Team

MiraMed employs Trauma Registrars with the dedication and commitment to work remotely or onsite. Our consultants exhibit professionalism, experience and the ability to abstract cases with a full understanding of inclusion and exclusion criteria in accordance with the standards of National Trauma Data Bank (NTDB). A knowledgeable and credentialed CSTR will have experience with one or more of the four recognized trauma registry software programs to capture and validate essential injury criteria.These professionals have been screened and their certifications, work experience, education and training have been validated. Our competitive salaries and benefits provide an environment that fosters a secure workplace with solid staffing, ready to contribute to your program and its success.Call Today! (877) 641-9913 or email us . 

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