Member Outreach

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MiraMed will develop a tailored internal program to do member outreach. This involves an active appointment tracking program as well as outreach based on on-going practitioner face-to-face visits yearly.

Services included:

  • Create, within the workflow for practitioners, a seamless way to review the yearly health status per member.
  • Identify the member populations per health plan for medical group practitioners.
  • Identify new members per health plan which will improve assignments and expedite appointment scheduling with PCP.
  • Identify and maintain each PCP individual panel for their HMO senior population.
  • Improve tracking of member visits for annual HCC assessments per PCP.
  • Facilitate increased communications involving administration and practitioners at medical sites (i.e., through monthly action reports) by identifying upcoming visits with opportunities for chronic medical condition recapture.
  • Seek involvement by office staff with ongoing HCC program initiatives and opportunities for assisting in member outreach.
  • Provide practitioners with ongoing statistics during the year of Annual HCC Assessment attainment per PCP/site/medical group.
  • Ability to actively outreach members prior to closure of reporting year, when necessary.

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