Annual HCC Assessment Program

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Yearly, face-to-face, annual HCC assessments by practitioners for the evaluation and medical management of patient chronic conditions play a significant role in the maintenance of quality clinical practices. MiraMed will facilitate the program entirely or implement the program so that the providers can manage the program internally.

Note: The office medical assistant can help the physician prepare for the visit by getting a list of the diagnostic codes previously used for reference.

Services included:

  • Prospective auditing review process based on the providers tracked yearly annual HCC assessment (internally) on charge encounters. Risk adjustment auditors at MiraMed facilitate this documentation review process prior to billing. 
  • Establish a workflow that includes the ability to schedule appointments with sufficient time for practitioners to review chronic conditions, update medication lists, update problem lists and counsel patients on health issues during the visit.
  • Work with your EHR via optimization to determine the ability to annotate completion of annual HCC assessment within the areas for electronic record.
  • Auditors advise practitioners to add diagnostic codes to the patient’s problem list based on documentation review so that the diagnosis is verified by practitioners at a subsequent visit.
  • Collaborate with your internal systems and reporting to conduct ongoing reports for all members per PCP panel who have had an annual HCC assessment within a given year and also those patients who have not been assessed for outreach purposes.
  • Facilitate reports to be sent out monthly to providers regarding percentage rate attainment for completed annual HCC assessments per medical group, per site, per PCP (with enhanced graphing).
  • Advise administrators to offer an incentive to PCP groups based on annual HCC assessment rates of completion. 
  • Completion of the annual wellness visit (AWV) (Medicare AWV is a member benefit) can take place at the same time.

Practioners receive satisfaction when maintaining quality patient care, providing ongoing services and improving chronic condition follow-up with their patients.

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